Dwayne Wade’s Ex Wife Homeless on the Streets of Chicago


Basketball superstar Dwayne Wades ex wife appears to be homeless now on the streets of Downtown Chicago in front of the Daly Center. Not only did she lose her kids in a custody battle but she appears to be very stressed and hurt on the streets laying down.

wade 2  wade 3

Dwayne Wade recently signed a shoe deal over in China for $100 million dollars and she says he has not gave her any money from any of his endorsements. I think this is one of the reasons why she doesn’t have the kids in the first place. She has always been after Dwayne Wade and his longtime girlfriend Gabrielle Union. It is quite bothersome to see her out on the streets. These pictures does raise some questions like where is her family? And why doesn’t he give her money to help her financially? Who are these women helping her hold signs up anyway? She still is the mother of his children and his ex wife. Hopefully, Dwayne can help her out and get her off the streets

pictures courtesy of Necole Bitchie


5 thoughts on “Dwayne Wade’s Ex Wife Homeless on the Streets of Chicago

  1. what has happened to her is happening every day to moms at the Daley Center and all over America! As far as the Daley Center goes what shes saying is true. There is tons of corruption and cronyism. Many mothers have gone to the FBI in Chicago to report this but they do nothing . Siovauhn is speaking the truth . This is going on all over the country and Americans should be outraged!

    • Yes I believe this is true. But i dont believe that she is actually homeless. I do believe in some type of way shes not getting enough money from the kids, but she doesnt even have custody over the kids. He has them full time, shes not really homeless though. shes getting some type of income from Dwyane Wade

  2. Look up Kelly Rutherford’s case-actress on Gossip Girt. Check out Battered Mother’s Custody Conference in DC , California Protective Parents Association, Dastardly Dads, Amy Leichtenberg Case. Children are being ripped from loving mothers and mothers are left homeless and penniless!

  3. If a mother reports abuse of any kind -she loses custody. This is happening in family courts all over the country. Obama is very aware of what is going on and when he was state senator numerous moms went to him to tell him about the corruption . He did nothing -but now pumps $500,000,000.00 into the Fatherhood Initiative. The corrupt court players all are getting paid $$$ from this funding . There is No Initiative for mothers. Mothers are being railroaded. Children unprotected

  4. Family court judges are awarding custody to abusers and 100’s of children are ending up dead! Check out Dastardly Dads website. This is an outrage that this is happening in America. It is the best kept secret and is the same as what went on at Penn State, Catholic Church etc

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