Chief Keef is Not Paying Child Support

chief keef

17 year old rapper Chief Keef is holding back money from his baby mama for child support. The rapper allegedly fathered her son when he was just 15, and she is reportedly still in middle school. He was ordered to pay $2,600 per month in child support, $500 in daycare based on his income of $13,000 per month.

His baby mama filed legal docs in court, claiming that Keef has not been paying his child support bills which he supposed to had started paying in May, but he has only paid $1, 900. She also claims that she can’t support herself and he needs to PAY UP! Seemingly, that he flashes cash in his videos, drives Ferarri’s, and has a mansion, and has stacks on stacks on stacks but hasn’t paid her a dime.

A judge has ordered Chief Keef to appear in court in September and if he doesn’t an arrest warrant could and more than likely will be issued.


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