Tameka “Tiny” Cottle’s  father, Charles Pope passed away from his longtime battle with Alzheimer’s disease. For those of you who watch the “Tiny & Toya” show you saw her families’ struggle dealing with the disease. She took to her Facebook page to message:

“Attention Everybody: See today I lost my father and right now I’m heart broken and I’m sad. I’m crying because my father was my everything. I was his everything, he was mines. I never thought I would lose him this soon but for the 37 soon to be 38 years that I’ve known [him], he was the best father ever. He did everything he can for me; he never let me down. I realize 2013 everybody is losing their love one and it’s going to be really hard for me to get over this but, life has to go on. Even though we are not ready for our loved ones to go, God is and I believe in destiny and I know my dad died with love for me in his heard and no one can every take his place. R.I.P. Good Night.”

“Daddy why did you have to leave me so soon? I can’t bear to see you in a coffin. I’m gonna scream and cry when they lay you down. I don’t want them to. I’m gonna miss talkin to you, hearin your voice, your laugh seein your face, huggin you, touching you, cooking for you. Please come back to use we need you.”

Our prayers go out to Tiny and her family.

tinydadtiny and her dad



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