Would The Real MLB All-Stars Please Stand Up


Every year around this time, I find myself saying the same exact thing. Can someone please eliminate the fan vote from the MLB all-star ballots?!

As it stands, the fans have so many guys making the roster that I would never consider to even be remotely deserving of an all-star nod. Guys like JJ Hardy, Brandon Crawford, Matt Wieters, Elvis Andrus, and Brandon Belt currently hold enough votes to fight for roster spots. Now, with all due respect to the names I just mentioned, those guys are all having sub par seasons and shouldn’t even be in the all-star conversation this year. I mean Elvis Andrus is batting .243 and has nearly 1 million more votes than the A’s Jed Lowrie who is having a career year hitting .309, with 5 HRs and 35 RBIs.

In the national league you’ve got the “great” Brandon Crawford, hitting .267 / 5 HRs / 28 RBIs and he’s ahead of the Brewers young phenom Jean Segura in the shortstop voting by about 100,000 votes. Segura is absolutely crushing the ball this year hitting .325 / 11 HRs / 33 RBIs and 24 stolen bases.

Finally, can somebody please explain to me what the world’s infatuation with Matt Wieters is? Every year he’s a guy who I see get drafted fairly high in fantasy drafts and seems to get yearly consideration as an all-star. The career .257 hitter currently has about a million and a half more votes than the Ranger’s AJ Pierzynski, who has been injured for the majority of the season and still only has one less hit than Wieters with about 60 fewer at bats. Face it world, Wieters will never be more than one of the most disappointing prospects in recent baseball history.

It’s blatantly obvious that players on big market teams are dominating the voting simply because of the name on the front of their jersey and in my opinion, it’s time Bud Selig steps in and stops this nonsense. The MLB all-star game is one of the few all-star games I actually enjoy watching because it’s the only one that holds some significance. However, if voting continues to be left to the fans and my team’s post season fate ends up resting on Matt Wieters’ shoulders? I’ll quickly find myself watching something else.



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