Timberwolves Make Some Moves


Timberwolves resigned Chase Budinger to a 3-year deal worth 16million, but they didn’t stop there as they inked Kevin Martin to a 4-year deal worth 30million. Chase Budinger only played in 23 games last year due to a lateral tear in his meniscus. But in those 23games Wolves saw what they needed to see by signing him to a multi-year deal. From reports it looks like Chase Budinger will slide right into the SF spot in the lineup. Kevin Martin will join him as the Timberwolves new starting two guard.Kevin Martin also told USA Today that he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play for his former coach Rick Aldeman again he also stated that Minnesota was his first choice.  “Minny was my first option outside OKC, so I’ve got to take it,” Martin told USA TODAY Sports shortly after giving a verbal agreement on the deal that can’t be formalized until the free agency moratorium lifts on July 10. “Especially being (with coach Rick) Adelman, and their starting lineup just needed a two-guard, so I feel like it’s a perfect fit. I’m not one to play around. I know where my heart is.” Martin played last year with the Oklahoma City Thunder and averaged 14.0ppg as a sixth man.  Those numbers will certainly go up as he slides in the starting lineup for the Wolves and will be expected to add the scoring punch they need at the two guard position. TWolves thought they had their two guard last year after signing Brandon Roy, but Roy continued to have knee troubles.  The Wolves now have a intriguing starting 5 with Rubio, Martin, Budinger, Love, and Pekovic (If they resign him) and with rookie Shabazz Muhammed as their 6th man. If they can keep Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio healthy for a full year they may finally make the playoffs for the first time since the 2003-2004 season.



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