Top five BEST and WORST looks: BET Awards 2013

Last night BET hosted its annual award show to honor various categories that shape black entertainment. Here is a recap of the best and worst looks of the night.


5.) Mya

2013 BET Awards - Arrivals mya


All white everything was a huge trend at the 2013 BET awards and Mya did it justice. I love her pointed toe, spiked Louboutin heels.  Mya’s outfit is formal but still fun and I love every last bit of it, even her dramatically long extensions.


4.) Nicki Minja

Nicki bet 2013 nicki 2013

I love the toned down, my wig isn’t eating my forehead, simple makeup Nick Minja. For starters her hair, a short blond look with black roots has never looked this good on anyone else. I am thrilled to see her in a good looking, realistic lace wig unlike her other eccentric wigs from the past. Secondly, you can never go wrong in a simple black dress. While still being sexy and revealing cleavage, Nicki still kept it toned it down with a floor length dress. From start to finish she had a clean cut look and in my opinion she looks beautiful. Hopefully she keeps it toned down and chills out on the dramatic wigs and makeup because she honestly looks better without all the extra.

3.) Tatyana Ali

tatyana alitatyana ali 2013

Ms.Ali never has a bad look and she surly did not disappoint at the 2013 BET Awards in her floor length, deep v neck cut dress. Her side swept curls, soft makeup, and NO neckless or unnessary jewerly complemented the look nicely. It’s clean, simple, and sexy and I totally approve of this look as a whole.

2.) Dwayne Wade

dwyane wadeDwyane+Wade+2013+BET+Awards+Show+qIqqJqESO4sl

Although he is usually known for his outrageous and down right tacky pre-game outfits, he cleaned up nicely for the award ceremony. However, do not let the elegant look fool you, he still added in his Wade touch to the look by pairing the suite with studded dress shoes. He wouldn’t be Dwayne Wade if he didn’t do it right?

1.) Adrienne Bailon

adrienne bailonadrienne


I am in LOVE with this look from start to finish. This long red dress shows off Adrienne’s great figure with out weighing her down because she is short. I love that her hair is pulled back so you can see here beautiful face. In my opinion Adrienne stole the show and was the best dressed person at the BET awards.


5.) La La

lalaa lala


LaLa is smart, beautiful, and talented but why would she pick this dress to wear last night? This dress is too bulky, it does not flatter her shape, and it looks like something that can be warn in the star treck re-makes.

4.) Gabby Douglas

gabbyy gabby

This dress makes me sick. It looks like a cheap homecoming dress and it does not show off, or flatter, her invisible t figure. The red lip color was not a good choice for the dress and honestly I was expecting better from Gabby. Gabby Douglas is a inspiration to all the young people out there but when I see this dress all she is inspiring me to do is vomit.

3.) Angela Simmons

angelaa angela


Another star treck dress was warn at the BET Awards by Ms. Angela Simmons…yuck. This dress might have been ok it it didn’t have unnecessary glitter, cup holders, and a neck brace that supports her horribly choppy and slightly uneven hair cut. Angela is not a pretty girl, nor a good speaker. Instead of wowing the crowd with a spectacular look she has given me more flaws in her image to point out. Angela was one of the most badly dressed women at the BET awards last night, hands down.

2.) French Montana

french montana


Seriously? It looks like he just rolled out of bed. This rapper really isn’t worried about anything, including his image.

1.) Trinidad James

trinn trin


Another look that makes me want to vomit. The “Gold All In My Chain” Rapper is known for having horrible fashion taste but this is out of control. Words can’t even describe how horrible this look is…


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