Droppin Bows On Em


In our weekend review we have former Chicago Bulls Allstar and Hall Of Famer Scottie Pippen who finds himself in the news, and it’s not basketball related. Seems like the 47yr old may have a second career in MMA or Boxing as Sunday night Scottie Pippen got into a altercation with a male outside of a restaurant in Malibu, California after Pippen refused to sign a autograph. According to TMZ.com fist were thrown and Scottie was the last man standing sending the male opponent to the hospital. One witness said “He beat the f**k out of him” when describing how the fight went down. Scottie also repeatedly kicked the man while he was down.  The victims family said he suffered head injuries, broken teeth, a swollen mouth, and a back injury. Scottie was questioned by Malibu police, but released. I know people get star struck when they see athletes, and celebrities in public, but you have to understand there’s a time and a place for everything. Sometimes they don’t want to be bothered with fans. They’re humans too. I bet that guy won’t be asking for a autograph from a celebrity anymore. Guess he doesn’t believe in the saying “Pick on someone your own size”



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