Double Mint Twins? Rihanna vs Ciara

Givenchy is popular for their graphic print clothing and this 1,310 Givenchy plane print reversible bomber jacket is no different. “Body Party” singer Ciara was seen back in March with an edgy approach to the Givenchy jacket where as Rihanna, who was recently seen at a club in Dublin with the same jacket, took a more casual approach to the look. In my opinion, Ciara’s outfit looks amazing! I love the heels and leather pants approach on the slightly baggy jacket. The look follows all of the modern day trends we see going on in fashion today however, my only critic is her hair. Ciara’s recent bob haircut would have looked better teased and in her face as opposed to slicked to the back. The outfit screams edgy while her hair whispers classy. The clashing of ideas in her look is the only thing stopping me from drooling over this outfit.

Rihanna kept it casual at a club, which is pretty odd, with baggy jeans and floppy combat boots. Rihanna is a fashion icon in the media and rarely has a bad look but it is still safe to say that this is not her best look. From the T-shirt underneath the Givenchy jacket, to the pants and boots everything is too baggy and personally I think the look is too casual for a night out.

Ciara is the fresher mint out of the double mint twins. What do you think?

doubleminttwin 1


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