The Headband Game

Last night while watching Game 6 of the NBA Finals I thought the Spurs had the game wrapped up. Lebron had 12pts through 3 qtrs, and no sighting of DWade. Everything was looking like Tim Duncan was well on his way to his 5th title. Until the 4th qtr came and Lebron ended up losing his headband due to a alley oop dunk, then he erupted like a man possessed not letting anyone slow him down.  He carried the Heat in the 4th qtr and OT scoring 16pts. Lebron fans may want to go out and purchase the shoes Lebron had on last night because those shoes will be now called the headband game. Lebron went from watching the Spurs dethrone him at his own kingdom to living to fight another day. Now there’s a game 7 Thursday night with the winner winning the NBA championship.

For the Spurs they should be in San Antonio right now going around the city with the trophy, but now they’re in South Beach getting ready for game 7. They should of won last night, the game was theirs. The Spurs were seconds away from hosting the trophy, but Kawhi Leonard missed a KEY free throw in the closing seconds of the 4th qtr allowing the Heat to get the ball back down three. Lebron got a look at a three for the tie but missed, luckily Bosh was there and had the biggest rebound of his career and passed it to Ray Allen who hit the game tying three pointer with 5.2secs left. I must give props to Bosh who actually showed up and rebounded the basketball he had a double double scoring 12pts and pulling down 11rebs. To make matters worse, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker, and Danny Green all had bad games.

Manu had a career high 8 turnovers he also had 9 points after going for 24pts in game 5, Danny Green came back down to earth by going 1-5 from three point range after he scored 24pts in game 5 and went 6-10 from the three. Spurs MVP Tony Parker went 6-23 from the field as well. Tim Duncan was a man among boys in the first half when he scored 25pts, but the second half and OT he only scored 5pts.  After game 6 Spurs looked and sounded like a team that left it all on the floor for game 6 hoping they would close it out, and didn’t sound too confident for game 7. Manu Ginobili said after the game ‘I have no clue how we’re going to be re-engergized,’ Ginobili said. ‘We’re devastated. But there’s no Game 8 afterward. So we’re going to have to play our best game.’” Spurs are a old team and I know they thought they had game 6 so game 7 will be interesting to see how they will respond to this loss.

I think Miami has all the momentum right now. They stole the game from the Spurs when the Spurs had it in their hands. The veterans on the Spurs should rally around each other because this maybe their last legit shot at capturing championship number 5 in franchise history. Try to wipe away what happened in game 6 and try to play the best basketball you can play in game 7 and leave it all on the floor hoping that leads to a game 7. Spurs must get contribution from Manu, and Danny Green. They need that Manu from game 5 if they want to win game 7. Not the turnover prone Manu. If the Spurs don’t go out and win game 7 the game 6 loss will sit on their minds all offseason and they will be thinking of things they should of done differently.


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