The Ad That Was

Our Did That Just Happen of the weekend goes to a man in England who called the police over the weekend because the prostitute he hired for the night was too ugly for him. The England police department was in shock they even tweeted about it.

The man saw a ad in the newspaper about hookers and decided to have one come to his hotel room. Once she came he took one look at her and became very upset and told her she wasn’t pretty enough for him. If I was that England man I would be happy that I don’t live in America, because in a incident involving prostitutes calls for sometime in jail in America. He’s lucky the England police department only let him off with a warning for wasting their time..He should of known if they have a picture of a attractive woman in a newspaper ad that woman you see in person won’t look like the one from the ad..Whatever happened to going out and meeting chicks anyway? I guess getting prostitutes from newspaper ads in England is the new way to go.


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