Look What The Kidd Did


Who retires from playing basketball, and then ten days later becomes a head coach in the NBA? If you said Jason Kidd I’m clapping for you (No not really). Jason Kidd has made the transition from being a player a year ago to a head coach the following year. 19 years of playing basketball and now he’s a head coach of the Brooklyn Nets. I haven’t heard of players leaving the game and jumping right into the coaching ranks, but the Kidd did. Kidd beat out Brian Shaw and Lionel Hollins, who, according to reports the Nets were high on Shaw during the interview process, but decided to choose Kidd.

He must of did really well in his interviews with GM Billy King to be hired. Kidd won’t be alone transitioning from player to coach as he hired his former coach Lawrence Frank to be a assistant coach on his staff. Kidd has a great history with the Nets as he played with them from 2001-2007 and led them to back to back final appearances. Kidd is also a champion he won a championship with the Dallas Mavericks in 2011. So his resume is great. Kidd will try to get the most out of this roster with point guard All Star Deron Williams, shooting guard All Star Joe Johnson, and All Star center Brook Lopez…But that’s where it stops.

I’m curious to see how the rest of the roster will look. The Nets signed Gerald Wallace to a terrible contract of 4-years 40-million. Nets roster is pretty much set because they’re stuck with these huge contracts that can’t be moved. I’m interested in seeing what kind of offense he will instill. But one thing we can guarantee is that the Nets players will respect Kidd and he will command respect due to his time in the league and his lengthy resume. I think Mikhail Prokorov got his wish with hiring a coach with a big name, but this coach is a future NBA Hall-Of-Famer. Nets fans will be expecting a lot like they did last year. Nets will for sure be a top 4 team in the East, but I’m not sure how far they’ll go when the playoffs start. We’ll see what the Kidd can do….That’s Coach Kidd to you now


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