The Top 5 Hottest 2013 Summer Trends!

1.) Neon:

For women its a hot pink hand bag, or a highlighter yellow pointed toe heel that will take each summer outfit to the best dressed list. For men, simply throwing on the bright orange v-neck instead of the navy blue one will really help you stand out this summer. Do not be afraid to mix and match, and clash colors this year the brighter the better!neon!    men neon

2.) Go bold with GOLD

Gold is in this season and the chunkier the better. Gold earrings, watches, and necklaces will complement almost any outfit this summer taking it from “ok” to “excellent”. Take gold accessorizing to the next level by using gold belts, shoes, handbags, and even nails to give each summer outfit a tabloid worthy glow.


3.) Vintage

History repeats itself often, even in the world of fashion. Styles from the 1920’s, 80’s, and 90’s are back in style with a modern feel. Cat eye and John Lennon style sun glasses are giving wafer shades a run for their money this season. High waist denim shorts and jeans are a hot trend in woman’s wear, and they will also give you the appearance of a slimmer, more curvier shape. Other vintage summer trends to be on the lookout for are color-blocking dresses and high waist swimsuits.

summer shades2013 swim trendshigh waist shorts

4.) Cutouts

Having your back, sides, or stomach exposed is the new cleavage this season. From cut out dresses to shirts and graphic tee’s, a small patch of skin exposure will take you to new heights in the fashion world this summer.

cutout trend

5.) Stripes

No we are not talking the cliche, jail bird stripes! This summer stripes are taking on a whole new identity. Vertical, horizontal, symmetrical, and even colliding, this season stripes are defining new boundaries on what it means to be bold, original, and to stand out. Not to mention they present a beautiful layout for bright summer  colors to stand out. stripes


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