Spurs of the Moment


Like Jeff Van Gundy said tonight, “You can never have ENOUGH three point shooting on your team,” and that proved to be evident tonight in game 3 as the Spurs DEMOLISHED the Heat in a route 113-77 to take a 2-1 series lead in a best of seven series. Spurs set a NBA Finals record by making 16 three-pointers.

Danny Green and Gary Neal were unstoppable. They combined to score 51 points and make 13 three-pointers. Duncan, Parker, and Ginobili didn’t need to do much. The only person that seemed to be into tonight’s game on the Heat was Mike Miller, who went 5-5 from the three to score 15 points. Lebron James has some real explaining to do. He had another lack luster performance scoring 15 points in 39 minutes on 7 of 21 shooting from the field. DWade and Chris Bosh weren’t any better combining to score 28 points.

Lebron has been looking like the Cavaliers Lebron that was defeated by the Celtics in the 2009-10 playoff series. Yes, people. That was the last year Lebron was in a Cavs uniform right before “The Decision” when everyone thought he just quit on the Cavs.

I like the way the Spurs are playing Lebron. They are playing him for the jumper, making sure they clog the paint if he tries to drive. They have been giving him the shot and not letting him drive to break down their defense or live at the free throw line.

Lebron has looked out of sync scoring wise and has yet to score 20 points in these Finals. Lebron must start making his jump shots, especially if he wants the Spurs defense to play him differently.

Also, the Heat need more production out of Bosh and Wade. I hope Mike Miller remains hot from the three point range. The Heat need the rest of their role players to step up as well. If that doesn’t happen, the San Antonio Spurs may be your 2013 NBA champs.

One person to keep an eye out for for the rest of the series is Tony Parker, who hurt his hamstring. Thanks to the big lead, he was able to sit out the majority of the 4th quater.

It’s crazy to see Lebron struggle considering everyone crowned him the best player on earth and that he’d be better than MJ. But can we please stop with the MJ and Lebron comparisons? Lebron James is Lebron James. There will never be another MJ, and I’m pretty sure MJ wouldn’t go 3 games in the NBA Finals struggling to score 20 points. It’s two different eras, and they are two different players. People should appreciate what MJ has done for the game of basketball and stop trying to compare him to Lebron. Let Lebron build his own legacy.



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