Let Starlin Star


I’ve been meaning to post this for awhile, but can we leave Starlin Castro alone? It’s ridiculous that Starlin Castro is in a 4-42 slump.

Castro, who’s only 23, was easily a 300. BA career hitter. Now, Dale Sveum and the coaching staff have changed his approach at the plate that has caused Castro’s average to fall to a miserable 240. BA. My question is: why would you mess with someone’s hitting approach when the only thing that Castro has done since being called up to the majors was hit?

We’re talking about a guy who has 591 career hits in only three years in the majors. Now they’re trying to change his approach wanting him to see more pitches? They also want him to work on his leg kick. Why would you want to change anything with Castro? I’m not sure if Dale Sveum has been watching the same Castro I’ve been watching since being called up to the majors in May 2010. I’m not sure if Sveum and the coaching staff ever heard the saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” either. Now they have Castro second guessing himself at the plate causing him to think too much, and he can’t go out there to play his game.

They have to realize Castro isn’t the type of player to work the count. He’s a free swinger, and that mentality has worked so far in the majors.  Don’t mess with his swing. Let him keep that same approach that inked him a seven-year deal worth $60 million.

Nobody’s speaking about Anthony Rizzo swinging at balls out of the strike zone and how he’s got five hits in 37 at bats in June, and basically the same batting avg as Castro. Or lack of plate discipline by Rizzo.  If Sveum wants to help Castro he should bench him for a game or two so he can relax and see the game from a different point of view. The guys the Cubs’s coaches should help with their approaches at the plate should be Darwin Barney or Wellington Castillo.

Castillo’s approach at the plate is worse. He never works the count and is always swinging at the first pitch. I see if you’re a lifetime 300. hitter like Castro then you can do that, but when you’re a career hitting 256., you shouldn’t be allowed to swing at the first pitch. This is going to bring unnecessary attention to Castro when it doesn’t have to be bought to him. You know Chicago media will have Castro’s name in the front and back of the newspaper.

I know the day is coming when the media will write an article asking should the Cubs trade Castro. I don’t think it’s time to trade Castro. I just think it’s time to get a new coach and tell Castro to go back to the plate with his old approach, and watch him turn back into the hitting machine he’s always been throughout his early career.

Besides, nobody messed with Vladimir Guerrero’s approach when he played, and we all know Guerrero was probably one of the best bad pitch hitters baseball has ever seen. Nobody should give up on Castro. I hope he stays with the Cubs for the remainder of his career.


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