Brawl In LA

There was a big brawl in LA tonight between the Dodgers and the D-backs as benches were cleared after several players were hit, including Yasiel Puig and, most notably, Zach Grienke, who missed two months due to a brawl back in April against the Padres.

It all started when the D-backs pitcher, Ian Kennedy, drilled Yasiel Puig in the face. Zach Grieke retaliated and then drilled Miguel Montero in the back. Zach Grienke comes to bat in the 7th inning and gets drilled by a fastball on his front shoulder by Ian Kennedy which forced both benches to clear.

This led to five ejections, including D-backs’s coach Kirk Gibson, LA’s hitting coach Mark Mcgwire, Yusiel Puig, and Ian Kennedy. Mcgwire got into it with D-Backs’s 3rd base coach Matt Williams and the D-Backs’s Kirk Gibson. Does anyone feel bad for Zach Grienke? The man can’t catch a break, he just missed two months due to a brawl between the Padres, and now he’s in the middle of  another brawl tonight.

Once everything settled down Grienke stayed in the game to run the bases and on a ground ball to the second baseman, Grienke slid hard into second base to break up the double play, which D-backs’s shortstop Didi Gregorius wasn’t too happy about. You have to respect Grienke for having his teammates’ backs. He should definitely be careful, though, and stay out of harm’s way.

One thing Dodger fans may want to know is why Grienke was sent to bat in a 2-2 tie in the 7th inning. Now from the replays that I’ve seen, Puig and Juan Uribe were the first players out of the Dodgers’s dugout headed towards the D-Backs’s bench. Ronald Bellisario, who came out the bullpen with bad intentions, was the first player to throw a punch, which caused the big pile up in the D-Backs’s on-deck circle. The D-Backs’s assistant hitting coach, Turner Ward, was in the wrong place at the wrong time as Bellisario unleashed some punches on him.

JP Howell, Yasiel Puig, and Clayton Kershaw all threw punches, but can you blame Puig? He was hit in the face, and all he’s done since being called up last Sunday is hit.

I know Bellisario, Howell, Puig, and Kennedy should receive a suspension of some sort, but you can guarantee Ian Kennedy will be receiving the most amount of games along with Bellisario.

Oh yeah! And the Dodgers rallied to win the game 5-3. Here’s the clip of the incident. Enjoy

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