The Mighty Morphing Wildcats

When will this stop? College football and its uniform sponsors have completely ruined the look of the game, in my opinion. When Oregon first unveiled their seven different versions of metallic uniforms, I understood the reasoning behind it.


And when Nike came up with the concept of the “combat uniforms,” featuring tough colors like flat blacks and camouflage patterns,  I was hesitant but thought they actually looked sharp.

I even enjoyed the crazy/controversial gear that the University of Maryland broke out last year, but when you start reshaping face masks and helmets to the point where players look like the newest power rangers, that’s where I draw the line.

Apparently a fan of the Arizona wildcats has developed a concept football helmet that features the universities initials molded onto the team’s face masks.
The overall consensus seems to be that people like the new look, which isn’t really surprising to me considering that we live in an era where people’s wardrobes consist of outfits that practically beg for attention.
Before you know it, Phil Knight will decide to mold duck bills onto the front of his alma mater’s helmets or even put elephant ears on the sides of those timeless Alabama helmets.
This entire concept of “uniform swag” has almost become bigger than the game itself. College football games are now more of a fashion show than an actual sporting event because of it.
As a die hard Penn State fan, I love tradition. I love simplicity. I love physical, hard-nosed gameplay, and these new uniforms exemplify the complete opposite of that. I’ll take my team’s legendary plain white helmets over any one of the 50 new Boise State helmets or these new potential Arizona helmets any day.
The way i see it is, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. College football is great as is. Often times I find myself enjoying it even more than pro-ball, but things like this are just sending the wrong message. It makes it seem as if the NCAA is needy for more fans, which couldn’t be further from the truth.
In the end, players and teams need to stop worrying about how their uniforms look and fit and, instead, focus more on their gameplay. Otherwise, the quality of play will decrease and teams will start looking like a bunch of Lady Gagas in shoulder pads.

One thought on “The Mighty Morphing Wildcats

  1. I feel that this article is quite ignorant. The uniforms have absolutely no effect on gameplay. Just because they want to look good does not mean put less out on the field. What I see is that you have an abnormal reluctancy for change of any sort. This article is actually somewhat irrelevant and childish to be honest.

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