Kanye Rant


Kanye West performed Sunday in NYC for the Governors Ball Music Festival, and Kanye was being Kanye. It seems like every time Kanye has a concert, he goes on a rant, and this concert was no different. Kanye just speaks his mind no matter where he is, and I think that’s why he’s Kanye West. Fans got to hear some of his new songs off the controversial and much anticipated album like “I Am A God,” and “On Site” that will all be on the album dropping June 18th titled Yeezus.

Kanye told his fans he doesn’t care about having a single out, doesn’t care about having promotion, doesn’t care about record sales or being on the radio. He also told his fans he only cares about putting out an album they can rock to all summer.

Expect this album to be dark like a lot of Kanye’s music lately. We all know Kanye has certainly changed since his College Dropout and “Through The Wire” days, but with that said, I think his music is phenomenal and timeless. We will appreciate everything that he’s done musically in 20 years.

Expect Yeezus to do well once it hits stores next Tuesday. Doesn’t matter if he has a radio single or not. He’s Kanye West. I’m predicting this album to sell 300k in its opening week.

I’m just as excited as anyone to hear this album although I know everyone will have their own opinion, but I’m expecting this album to be a great listen. Here’s the clip of his rant at the Governors Ball Music Festival.


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