2 Chainz Robbed

Swickass’s first weekend review is in, and it was damn sure interesting. 2 Chainz looks like he’ll be turning down for a while and getting himself a WHOLE new entourage after he was robbed at gun point in San Francisco.

To make matters worse he was robbed in BROAD daylight. Police received a call about shots being fired around 4:30pm, and when they arrived to the scene, 2 chainz was there.

He told the police he was just robbed of his wallet but refused to cooperate on anything else. 2 Chainz told the police he would handle the matter himself. When police checked the surveillance cameras, they said 2 chainz was definitely the intended target and that 2 Chainz’s entourage “fled the scene like cockroaches running from a flashlight.” This is “no snitching” at it finest.

Also, a constant reminder that everyone isn’t your friend. If I’m 2 Chainz, I’m holding auditions for new friends as soon as I get back to Atlanta…or wherever he’s living now. Who cares what Drake says!


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