Thieves Like US

Considering this is our first Punt Away post, it has to go to the three guys that ATTEMPTED to rob Mike Adams of the Pittsburg Steelers last Saturday. Mike Adams was stabbed twice in an attempted carjacking that went wrong on the South Side of Pittsburgh.

Three guys approached Adams attempting to steal his vehicle. They pointed a gun at him, and when he refused to give it up, one guy proceeded to stab him. When they didn’t get what they came there for (besides a bloody knife), the three guys made a run for it. One guy dropped his phone while running, and the police picked it up and proceeded to take down everyone involved.

They’ve made two arrests this week, and I’m assuming the third arrest should come pretty soon. I know those guys wish they could punt that night away and get a redo, but you can’t. Those idiots will now sit in a jail cell thinking about all the dumb things they’ve done and wish things would have went differently. It just goes to show you that no one is safe  — not even Mike Adams (considering he’s 6’7 and 345 lbs).

I just thank God he’s alright and is able to resume his NFL career.

Athletes and celebs should just carry security around with them 24/7 because people are evil and don’t always have good intentions. They want what you have. So make sure to always remember, no one is untouchable, including YOU!

And to the guys that robbed him, you have to be disappointed in the guy that dropped his cellphone and made it easier for the cops to find you all. This robbery sounded like something out of a movie: preferably 30 Minutes or Less or maybe even the guys from Pain and Gain. I hope you guys never make a plan to escape from jail because I already know how that will turn out. But let’s look on the bright side, those guys were worse robbers than you all!


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