No Country for Old Men

Those old Spurs are at it again opening up the NBA Finals by winning Game 1 92-88 in a best of 7 series vs the defending champs the Miami Heat. Everyone was expecting the Spurs to be rusty coming off a 10 day rest due to them sweeping the Memphis Grizzlies in four games and last playing on the 27th of May — not to mention the Miami Heat had gone seven games against the Indiana Pacers prior.

The Spurs showed early signs of rust in the first half due to the long layoff period, but I know they felt good about themselves going into halftime trailing by three. They didn’t show any signs of rust after that.

I know everyone had the Heat winning game 1 (including me) due to the long layoff by the Spurs. In my opinion, they controlled the entire second half. I also felt the Spurs had the Heat where they wanted them the whole time. The Heat had no answer for Tony Parker as he did whatever he wanted to do going through the Miami Heat’s defense like they were an open lane on an expressway and finishing with a team high of 21 pts.

The Heat made a late game adjustment by putting Lebron on Parker to close out the game, but Parker hit Lebron with the dagger  by hitting a desperation shot to put the Spurs up 5 with 5.2 seconds to go. After watching the game, I may back off my previous statement of saying the Heat will win in six, but I’m going to stay with it for the time being (I may change after game 3).

Look for both teams to make adjustments for game 2. I wouldn’t be shocked if Lebron guards Parker early on and often. Norris Cole and Mario Chalmers aren’t slowing down Tony Parker. He will get to the lane anytime he pleases with those two guarding him.

You can also be sure to see Lebron score more than 18pts in a game for the rest of the series. One thing that stood out to me was Lebron going for a triple double: 18 pts (7-16), 10 ast, and 18 rebs. Chris Bosh went 6-16 for 13 pts and finished with 5 rebs.

I don’t understand how you play 35 minutes and only finish with 5 rebs as center/power foward. I hear people talk about how Bosh isn’t a good rebounder, but he has to contribute to rebounding. Lebron can’t be the only one rebounding for the teams vs the Spurs big front court. Plus, Bosh is the only legitimate big man on the Heat besides Udonis Haslem. (Don’t you dare say Joel Anthony’s name!)

Bosh should average AT LEAST 10 rebounds per game in this series. That’s just on the regular basis. It’s time for him to step up and for the media to kill the excuses of him not being a good rebounder.

I’m glad I saw Dwayne Wade have another productive game scoring 17 pts on 7-15 shooting. The media needs to stop feeding into his knee issues. The more people talk about his knee the better he plays. So I know Wade wants you guys to keep up the questions regarding his knee, but do me a favor, and stop speaking about it!


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