Draya Gets the Ultimate Beatdown on Twitter

Just a few days ago Basketball Wives LA star Draya Michele appeared on BET’s 106 & Park as a host. Prior to beginning the show, Draya tweeted to her followers asking them to use the hashtag #askdraya to which she would then announce the Q&A on the show, but was this a good idea?

Almost every tweet to her was about her parenting skills:

Draya is always seen via instagram out in clubs, parties, kicking it with rapper celebrities, and chilling by the pool but hardly ever with her son. Everyone in the public eye sees that she has nothing better to do then go out instead of being with her son who in fact lives in a different state with Draya’s mom.

Just a few years ago Draya was arrested for child endangerment leaving her 7 year old son, at the time, in the house all alone in dog feces and having to eat microwaved food while she was out doing only the Lord knows what. This could be the reason why her son doesn’t live with her now. (Full article here.)

Draya did take to twitter a few hours after the show to state that everyone was “hating”on her:

Is it that everyone is hating on you? Or is that you’re not as liked as much as you thought?


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