Coach of the What?

Who said when you win Coach of the Year you never get fired? George Karl found out that there’s still a strong possibility you’ll lose your job even after winning coach of the year. The Denver Nuggets let Karl go yesterday. When I first found out about this, I was in shock. If you look at what George Karl has done during his time with the Nuggets, you would be shocked too.

Five 50-win seasons. Playoff appearances every year he’s been in Denver from 2004-2013. Not to mention the season they just had this year: they won 57 games without a LEGIT superstar, which is pretty amazing.

They were one of my favorite teams to watch the past couple of years due to their up and down tempo and overall fast scoring style.

Just last week the Nuggets lost their GM to the Raptors (Masai Ujiri), who just won the award for NBA Executive of the Year. He was the guy who put this team together. Now this week the Nuggets lose their Coach of the Year.

If someone had to describe the worst two weeks ever for a NBA franchise, the Nuggets may rank at #1. There were reports that Karl’s job was unsettled after Ujiri left because he was entering the final year of his contract and was pushing for the franchise to give him a extension, but they didn’t want to. There were also reports that ownership was disappointed about the upset in the first round of the playoffs with the Golden State Warriors, and they felt they needed a change. Ownership also wanted Karl to play Javale Mcgee more, who they just signed last off-season to a four-year, $44million extension. Karl had Javale coming off the bench.

Whatever the reason was to let Karl go, the Nuggets better hope they find a coach that can get the most out of this group as Karl did. Since the Karl firing, the Nuggets have already expressed interest in Brian Shaw and Lionel Hollins. The Nuggets must take care of home first and find a GM before they do anything else.

We all know Karl won’t be out of a job for long. He has already been linked to the Grizzlies and Clippers coaching positions. I think the best fit for Karl would be coaching the Clippers. That roster would certainly fit Karl’s coaching style with Chris Paul being the floor general that he is. Having those two athletic big men in Blake Griffin and Deandre Jordan wouldn’t hurt either. George would certainly make LA even more entertaining and make LOB City that more special. No worries though people, George Karl will not be out of a job for long.

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