The Biogenesis Report

Looks like the MLB is finally coming down on the players that were in the Biogenesis Report. With the help of Tony Bosch, owner of the Biogenesis clinic, the MLB will go after all the players that were in the report. Now, if you recall, the Biogenesis report leaked out in February. The two big names that stood out from the report that surfaced over last summer were Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriguez.

Braun tested positive for PEDS after he won the MVP award back in 2011 after he hit 332.with 33hrs and 111 RBIS. Braun fought the accusations and the 50 game suspension was dismissed after the case was taken to arbitration and a panel voted in favor of Braun. After Braun wanted to prove his innocence and after much research, the panel found out that the urine collector that took the sample brought it home believing that FedEx was closed and thus stored the urine in his refrigerator.  The case was thrown out.

In February, Braun’s name resurfaced along with 20 other MLB players, including Alex Rodriguez. Rodriguez is a different case.

A-Rod is a well-known steroid user. He confessed to taking steroids during  2001-2003 when he signed with the Texas Rangers.  A-Rod stated he took the steroids due to him feeling the pressure from the 10 year 252 million contract that he signed with the franchise in December of 2000, which at the time was the richest contract in sports history.  A-Rod added he’s been clean since he started playing for the Yankees in 2004.

That turned out to be a lie as his name resurfaced on the Biogenesis report. Other MLB players that are facing a suspension are Nelson Cruz, Johnny Peralta, Jesus Montero, Franciso Cervelli, and Everth Cabrera. Some other names came up in the report too: Bartolo Colon, Melky Cabrera, and Yasmani Grandal all served their 50 game suspension already. MLB is looking to suspend A-Rod, Braun, Cruz, and Peralta.  Braun and A-Rod are both loooking at 100 games for lying previously about their steroid use. MLB feels insulted because they feel as though Braun cheated the system back when he was first accused in 2011 and had the case dismissed. All other first-time offenders are facing up to 50 games suspension. Peralta is in a midst of a All-Star season hitting 332. and will be a HUGE loss for the Tigers. Nelson Cruz would be a tough loss for the Rangers but, that may lead to more playing time for Jurickson Profar.

I personally feel like Alex Rodriguez should be the main player facing a severe suspension. I feel like this guy cheated the MLB and the Yankees and Rangers into making millions of dollars and never doing it clean. You can’t take his word on anything because he hasn’t proven to be a stand-up honest player. I think it’s a good idea that the MLB is stepping in and putting an end to players using PEDS. I think eventually they’ll change the rules for first-time offenders from 50 games to 100 games. Then, the second time you’re caught using steroids you should be banned for life. 50 games aren’t enough, and players aren’t learning from getting caught the first time. So the MLB needs to step up and make the punishment more severe.

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