The Heat Is On

The Miami Heat are heading to the NBA Finals for the third straight year. The Heat destroyed the Indiana Pacers 99-76 in  a win-or-go-home game 7 tonight. After the game six loss on Saturday, the Heat sent the media in a frenzy questioning rather they could get past the Pacers in game seven and what would happen to the Big 3 if they didn’t advance to the finals.

But the Heat shut all the critics up and attacked from the start going up 15 points and never looking back. They dominated the Pacers from the start. The Pacers needed great games from everyone ESPECIALLY their coming-of-age superstar, Paul George. Unfortunately, he struggled along with George Hill.

Paul George went 2-9 FG for 7 points in 34 minutes, and George Hill went 4-14 in 38 minutes for 13 points. Paul George also ended up fouling out.

The Heat will now face the Spurs starting Thursday night in Miami. I have the Heat winning in six games. Personally, I think the Heat enjoy when they are doubted by the media, and when their backs are against the wall, they know when to turn it on. That’s exactly what they did tonight.

I don’t find this Finals match-up entertaining at all although I can see the Spurs winning at least two games. I think the Heat will win their second title in the third year of the big three era, but Lebron has a long way to go if he wants not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, but six championships. The East will be improved, and next year the Bulls and Pacers will be thorns in the Heat’s side.  And don’t sleep on Melo and the Knicks as well!

So Heat fans, enjoy this year’s championship while you still can. The next couple years will only get tougher.


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