Homogenized — No Homo

Finally, the defending champions looked and played like an actual team while Hibbert and his very heterosexual Pacers put up a performance to forget.
Following his controversial comments after Game 6, many were curious to see  if it would have any type of impact on Hibbert’s play during Game 7.
Well, after getting beat the way they did tonight by the king and his men, the answer was a resounding YES!!! Not only was Hibbert not his usual dominant/ignorant self, but the entire Pacers team looked completely out of sync. Guys like Paul George and Lance Stephenson, who have definitely put themselves on the national map during these playoffs, were virtually nonexistent in Game 7 combining for only 35% shooting and contributing to Indiana’s 21 turnovers compared to the Heat’s 11. Definitely not the type of numbers you’ve come to expect from this year’s Pacer team.
So were Hibbert’s comments the reason for such disarray? I for one don’t believe it for a second. What happened in Game 7 was no more than LeBron Raymone James making the Pacers his proverbial biotch.
Love him or hate him, you can’t deny his greatness. I mean this man literally looks like a man amongst boys when he steps on the court. Not only did his 32 points stamp Indiana’s ticket home tonight, but he was also a facilitator, finally getting guys like Dwayne Wade involved. Despite his nagging injuries, Wade had 21 points and 9 rebounds, shattering Chris Bosh’s series average of merely 4 boards a game.
The Heat will now face a seasoned Spurs team that has somehow managed to turn back time and play as if they were barely hitting their prime. Having said that, I’ve got the Heat winning it in 7. Honestly, the only reason I’m even saying 7 is because San Antonio is a team with an obvious veteran presence that won’t shy away from the spotlight that comes from playing in the Finals. However, LeBron continues to play out of his mind and seems to be able to produce sometimes on sheer will alone. I can’t give LeBron enough credit. Although I’m one of those people who actually hates his guts, I can’t deny the man’s ability. He’s on a mission, and I don’t see a 70 year old Tim Duncan or Manu Ginobili’s bald spot as viable road blocks.

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