Beware: RiRi’s New Lipsticks May Give You The Herp


Mega popstar and fashion icon Rihanna recently launched her own line of makeup through MAC Cosmetics called RiRi Woo, but before you jump in line to snag your own, you may want to think twice. The New York Daily News recently reported a story on a woman claiming to have contracted herpes after having using one of RiRi’s lipsticks. Starkeena, the woman suffering from the nasty bumps, said she was offered a sample at a Rihanna concert, but the woman applying did not wipe the stick between applications nor grab a new one. Starkeena is now suing MAC.

The claim doesn’t seem to hold much water to me for many reasons. #1 – No one held a gun to Starkeena’s head to take this sample. I guess that’s what you get when you’re taking free makeup samples at a music concert anyways. #2 – We don’t know Starkeena’s habits. Who’s to say these “cold sores” weren’t contracted some other way. #3 – What kind of human being willingly allows dirtied makeup to be placed on their face? I mean I know I would stop any lady from putting some overused lipstick on my lips if I saw it happening.

Whatever becomes of this petty claim is unlikely to hurt MAC or Rihanna, and, in my opinion, this lawsuit is probably not going to end in anything. I guess if anything it just goes to show what some people won’t do to gain a little bit of fame and money. Godspeed, Starkeena.


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