Born Sinner Vs Yeezus

Finally the first week sales are in and we finally get to see who sold more between Kanye, and J Cole.  Kanye and J Cole didn’t disappoint. Kanye sold  328,800 with his Yeezus  album. While J Cole didn’t do too bad himself moving 297,922 units in his opening week with Born Sinner. Kanye won as expected. J Cole album leaked a week prior to his release date. While Kanye album leaked days before it came out. J Cole should still be proud that he moved that many units in his first week and his album leaked earlier than expected. I want to personally apologize to J Cole for not showing him any love. J Cole had a great album, I felt it was better than Kanyes album. He also had the guts to move his album up a week so he can compete with Kanye. Kanye album was great, but it was certainly different. But I don’t mind when Kanye is different. J Cole had a great all around album he seems to be growing as a artist. Which artist should be doing from their first album to their second album. We were fortunate as fans to have two great albums drop on the same day. Let’s see what Wale has in stores for us with his Gifted album that dropped on Tuesday.


Magna Carta Holy Grail Tracklist

Jay-Z is preparing the release of his highly anticipated album Magna Carta Holy Grail that’s set to hit stores July 4th. The tracklist has been revealed with features from Frank Ocean, Rick Ross, Justin Timberlake, and of course his beautiful wife Beyonce. Jay-Z also revealed the lyrics to the record him and Beyonce did titled “Part II (On The Run)”  Here’s the tracklist, and lyrics to Part II feat Beyonce.

1. Picasso Baby

2. Heaven

3. Versus

4. Tom Ford

5. Beach Is Better

6. fu*kWithMeYouKnowIGotIt (Feat. Rick Ross)

7. Oceans (Feat. Frank Ocean)

8. F.U.T.W.

9. Part II (On The Run) (Feat. Beyonce)

10. BBC

11. La Familia

12. Jay-Z Blue

13. Nickles & Dimes

14. Holy Grail (feat. Justin Timberlake)

15. Open Letter

Double Mint Twins: Rihanna vs. Nicole Richie

double mint twins 2rihanna vs nicole

At the 2012 Costume Institute Met gala, Rated R singer Rihanna embraced her edgy side in a floor length Tom Ford reptilian gown. Almost a year later Nicole Richie wore the same Tom Ford creation with added shoulder pads and leg action at the Clive Davis 2013  pre-grammy gala.

Both stars did Tom Ford justice in either dress but my vote goes to Nicole Richie. I love the added shoulder pads, it creates more shape and complements her short hair cut. Although Rihanna fills out the dress better then Richie, Nicole was still able to steal the title of “the fresher” double mint twin by showing off her great legs in the dress. What do you think?

Doc To LA

Clippers have finally got their head coach. After two week tug-a-war with the Boston Celtics, the Clippers finally hired Doc Rivers. Clippers knew who they wanted all alone and they finally made it happen.  Rivers signed a 3yr deal worth 21-million dollars. Clippers sent a unprotected first round pick in the 2015 draft to acquire Rivers. With this hiring of Doc Rivers the Clippers havenow shot up to be strong title contenders. I like the Doc Rivers hiring for the Clippers, he’s a proven winner who won 416 games in nine seasons with the Celtics which is third most in franchise history and a title in 2007. He now also has the title of Senior Vice President of player personnel with the Clippers. I like this hiring for the Clippers. I thought Donald Sterling would let Clippers nation down again, but he came through at the last minute to land a hall of fame coach. Now the Clippers must put together a roster to compete for championships and their first order of duties is resigning Chris Paul to a max deal. Which I think will happen come July 1st. They must also get the most out of Blake Griffin offensively. The athletic part is already there, but they need for him to develop a jump shot that’s consistent. There has already been rumors of a Eric Bledsoe for Aaron Affalo deal in place, but you can expect another player and picks to be apart of that trade. Clippers must also decide if Deandre Jordan is still the Center of the future for the franchise. I think if they can trade Deandre Jordan for a center who can have his back to the basket would help this team out in a major way. Plenty of things will get addressed this off-season, and this Clippers team will have high expectations this year..I just hope they’re ready for it.


Yo Gotti signs with Hustle Gang

Looks like T.I Hustle Gang camp has added another member. Yo Gotti has signed with T.I.’s Hustle Gang imprint. This is another powerful move from the proclaimed King Of The South. Yo Gotti joins a roster that has B.O.B, Trae Tha Truth, Iggy Azalea, Young Dro, Chip, Spodee, Travis Scott, Shad Da God, and Yung Booke just to name a few.  That’s a nice group of artist, and T.I. isn’t done he says he’s also in talks with Jeremih, Maino, LEP Bogus Boys, Problem, Kirko Bangz, and Uncle Murda to join the roster. My biggest question is who will actually drop a album on this label. It can get to a point when you have too many artist signed and they all want to drop a album, but can’t. I think Young Dro should have at least 3-4 albums out already due to his successful debut album “Best Thang Smokin”, but he hasn’t dropped anything. So we’ll see how T.I. goes about getting all of his artist to drop their albums. Everyone can’t be Rick Ross, but it’s worth a shot. An this Hustle Gang label is very talented I listened to the Hustle Gang mixtape and it’s a great tape. I just want these guys to drop solo albums and I want to hear their story.  Only guy that’s really actually BIG on this label is B.O.B. Iggy, and Trae Tha Truth have a bit of a following as well. I’m just excited to see T.I. and Hustle Gang put out great music.

Here’s the interview of T.I. confirming he’s signed Yo Gotti and he speaks on other artist he’s trying to sign. Here’s the Hustle Gang mixtape as well.


Adrien The Problem Broner

Adrien The Problem Broner is quickly becoming the face of boxing. Whether you love him or hate him you have to respect him. He’s only 23yrs old and he’s quickly climbing up the boxing ranks improving to 27-0 after he defeated Paulie Malignaggi in a split decision on Saturday night to win the welterweight title from Malignaggi. It was a home crowd for Malignaggi as he was in his hometown of Brooklyn, New York. Broner talked trash thee entire fight letting Paulie know that he couldn’t hit him every chance he got. Much credit to Paulie for lasting all 12 rds and giving the fans something to cheer about. But you have to tip your cap to Broner who went up two weight classes just to fight Malignaggi, and did it successfully. The fight drew 1.3million views on the Showtime network.

He now has two of the most watched fights in 2013 on cable television. You may not  love the fact that he’s cocky, but let’s face it the dude is funny and has a bright personality. You have to love him getting rap superstars like Waka Flocka, French Montana, and Kendrick Lamar bringing him to the ring. Or if you don’t like when he has rappers bringing him out, how about when he brings himself out performing one of his own songs (Yes he’s a rapper too). Let’s not forget the ritual after every win he has someone brush his hair. On Saturday he had his father do the honors.  I know Showtime loves the way that he is because he draws a lot of attention from fans.

And let’s face it people, Broner walks the walk and backs up every word. The man can fight! It seems like it won’t be long before he starts having his fights on pay-per-view. I know people don’t like Broner I understand that, but you have to defeat the man if you want him to shut up and that won’t be a easy task. Broner is the new Floyd Mayweather. I wouldn’t mind seeing Broner face Alvarez after Alvarez fights Mayweather on September 14th. Seeing Broner vs Alvarez would be epic. The two rising stars of boxing going toe to toe would be something worth seeing, and worth me giving my cable provider 70bucks to watch the fight.

Here’s Broners ring entrance and post game fight interview from Saturday which almost saw some more fireworks between the two fighters due to Broner telling the world he took Paulies ring and his girl. Which Paulie didn’t respond to it too kindly. Paulie also had some very interesting words for the judges…Overall very funny post fight interview

Say It Ain’t So

ThisIs50 has aired out how rappers felt about other rappers before they were all established. And let me say this is certainly entertaining seeing what they said. Now things have changed and some have softened their stance and tried to remove their tweets once they were put on BLAST. Travis Scott was so embarrassed he went through to delete his old tweets and even made his Twitter account private. But someone needs to tell Travis you can run, but you can’t hide. Here’s a look at the old tweets.

Rockie Fresh is the most entertaining one, considering he’s now signed to Rick Ross MMG label, and  he was making fun of him back in 2010. I know Rockie Fresh has probably called Rick Ross soon as possible and pulled a Kevin Hart and said Let Me Explain Myself. Rockie knows never bite the hand that feeds you. And Damn there’s no love for Wale in these tweets as well. I know rap is too nice these days, and everyone is buddy, buddy. But I wonder will these tweets have some tension brewing…We shall see. Peep the tweets below*7U0s35bOMn*HpInX4rXk-ZL5xBTQ4oNnIpixExxqpPw7q4X32FQ5ewiJXjKbD7qI8LQfVgJrogHa4ezG3SVQ/LMAO.jpg