Embrace The Skate


Let me start off by saying that I have never really been interested in hockey nor am I one of those people who claims to have ever been a fan of any hockey team way before they were successful. In this case I’m referring to you, “die hard” Blackhawks fans that have suddenly come out of the woodwork.

However, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that even MY viewing interest has slowly been drifting over to the hockey side as I watch more and more of these NHL playoffs.

As it stands, both the Eastern and Western conference NHL finals will feature the last four teams to have won the Stanley cup, making each remaining playoff series must-watch TV.

Each team in the conference finals has also written its own incredibly intriguing chapter in this year’s playoffs, and yet you hear little to nothing on what happened in last night’s Kings-Sharks game or even tonight’s Hawks-Red Wings game.

As someone who prefers the game of basketball over hockey just about any day of the week, I’m definitely growing tired of the fact that the sport is playing second fiddle to the guys on the hardwood.

I can’t tell you  how many times I’ve woken up to Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith going on and on about how the Pacers will only win two games against the Heat. Even on nights when the Spurs were just dismantling the Memphis Grizzlies, the next day’s opening argument would  inevitably be something regarding the Miami Heat. It’s ridiculous how little is mentioned on these big sports networks in regards to the incredible product that the National Hockey League is putting on display during these 2013 playoffs.

Take the Boston Bruins, for example. This is a team that has somehow managed to play their way into the Eastern Conference Finals despite the horrific acts that they witnessed take place during the Boston Marathon. Or how about the Chicago Blackhawks who after going down 3-1 in their series against their rivaled Red Wings came back to force game 7 and ultimately win the series thanks to a clutch overtime goal by number 7, Brent Seabrook?

Quietly the Hawks are also now in a legitimate position to be considered a dynasty if they win this years cup, which would make it two in the last three years for Chicago.

Again,  I’m not claiming to be the world’s biggest hockey fan all of a sudden so don’t go ripping my head off just yet, you Bobby Hull jersey-wearing lunatics. All I’m saying is that if hockey has been able to grab a guy like mine’s attention during the NBA playoffs, the league is definitely doing something right and, therefore, the media should do a better job of informing the public on just how great these 2013 NHL playoffs have been.

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