What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Win by any means necessary! That’s how most pro-athletes will define competition nowadays. Some athletes, like LeBron James, think there’s no shame in “flopping” as long as it results in a win. Others, like the great Ray Lewis, see nothing wrong in using a little bit of deer antler spray in order to get an advantage.

Well, during Sunday’s Coca-Cola 600, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. chose to kick his level of competition up a notch by doing something that most guys probably wouldn’t do. As the field came around lap 319, Stenhouse decided to make his big push for first place by taking out his girlfriend of several months, Danica Patrick, bumping into her car and causing it to crash into Brad Keselowski’s.

See, I would consider myself to be a very competitive guy, but honestly, I would never have the onions to make a move like that. At the very least, you have to be 100% positive that making such a move will guarantee you win the race, in which case I’m pretty sure even your racing girlfriend would understand and forgive you for it. For our sake, however, let’s hope Ricky’s legendary 14th place finish was just enough for Danica to kick this bum to the curb and focus more on making sexier Go Daddy commercials.


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