Lance Yes I Can Stephenson

Has there been anyone more exciting to watch in these playoffs than Lance Stephenson? I love watching this guy because he thinks he’s better than he really is.  That’s not a diss to Lance at all. I actually enjoy watching him play. You have to have that attitude playing in the NBA.

He brings that New York/Rucker Park game to the NBA, and he’s not backing down from anyone. Stephenson aka Born Ready, a 3rd year player out of Cincinnati, was a big time recruit from the popular high school in Coney Island Lincoln High School, where the likes of Stephon Marbury and Sebastian Telfair attended. Stephenson was named New York State Mr. Basketball and made the McDonald’s All American team in 2009.

When I first heard Lance was from Brooklyn and attended Lincoln High School, I didn’t believe in the hype. I thought he’d be another Telfair who had a lot of hype coming out of high school but he didn’t really live up to it. Lance was the usual one-and-done player and entered the NBA after his freshman year of college after he averaged 12.3 ppg and 2.5 ast. He was a 2nd round pick, but this year is his best year as a pro. Due to the Danny Granger knee injury (causing him to miss the season) Stephenson was able to start at the shooting guard position and was able to make a contribution all year. He saw a career high in minutes and ppg (29.2mins, 8.8ppg).

I think Lance is here to stay. Once he develops a consistent jump shot, I think he’ll be a solid rotation player. He’s already causing havoc on the Miami defense in these playoffs pushing the ball up the court and not allowing their defense to get set and forcing the issue. You also have to love the fact that he’s fearless and isn’t scared of the moment. If you haven’t got a chance to sit down and watch a Indiana Pacers game in these playoffs, you definitely should. Between Lance and Paul George, the Pacers are very fun to watch. Plus, Lance is here to restore the image of New York basketball.

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