Let the Flopping Stop

NBA: Finals-Oklahoma City Thunder at Miami Heat

While watching NBA games, I tend to notice flops, and no team flops like the Miami Heat. Their flopping is more noticeable having one of the leagues top floppers on the team: Mr. Shane Battier.

Then today I was reading an article about Lebron James saying flopping is an “effective strategy.” I love Lebron’s game and appreciate what he’s done for the game, but enough is enough. It can’t be a strategy when Lebron, who is 6’8, 250 lbs, and built like a football player, falls down to the ground because DJ Augustin, who’s 6’0 (that’s probably being nice) and weighs 180 lbs, is fighting through a screen and bumps Lebron.

I don’t see why refs allow this flopping to happen or why the NBA hasn’t came down on anyone on the Heat for flopping as well. If there’s a rule stating you can’t flop, why are you allowing these guys to fall all over the basketball court like they’re in ice skates? I feel the league should play it both ways when it comes to flopping — not just fine Tony Allen for a flop. Shane Battier should be fined a good amount in these playoffs along with Lebron for their take on flopping. It’s like if you’re that big, no way you should be falling down as much as you do during games.

Shane Battier

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