From Catching Touchdowns to Catching Bieber?


Earlier this week, NFL veteran Keyshawn Johnson decided to come out of retirement. One would think that it would be to do what he was once decent at, which was catching footballs. However, although Keyshawn was trying to catch something, it wasn’t footballs. Keyshawn Johnson was actually trying to catch a Bieber.

Apparently Justin Bieber felt that it was okay to whip his new Ferrari around his residential Calabasas neighborhood, at the tune of 90mph. When this was brought to Keyshawn’s attention, he allegedly called the cops and followed Bieber all the way to his home.

When the police showed up, it was no longer Bieber who was in the driver’s seat, but, instead, it was his friend who goes by the name of “Lil Twist.” Apparently, neither was ticketed but simply asked to drive slower.

After reading this story a few things came to mind: A.) How could this police officer let the Bieber fever get the best of him so as not to even give the 19 year old a ticket?

B.) Although I was never Keyshawn’s biggest fan as a football player, I have to say I applaud him for taking the initiative of putting this skinny jean-wearing punk in his place. As a father myself, I don’t care if it was Lil Twist and Barack Obama driving that Ferrari. I’m not running the risk of any clown potentially causing harm to my family.

And finally C.) What the heck has happened to this kid? As soon as him and Disney Channel sweetheart, Selena Gomez broke up, he’s done nothing but hit up various nightclubs shirtless, post pictures online of his not so swick-ass, and now this speeding incident. Maybe it’s the fact that Will Smith’s kid is allegedly pulling off the robbery of his “boy’s” ex-girl.

Nevertheless, Justin’s mentor, Usher should probably stop gliding around for 5 minutes and take the time to talk some sense into his wreckless protege.

R.A Tricked Me!/httpImage/image.JPG_gen/derivatives/display_600/image.JPG

That’s what the Toronto Blue Jays fan base is feeling right now after acquiring R.A. Dickey in the offseason in a seven player trade, in which the Mets acquired the top catching prospect in baseball (Travis d’Arnaud) from the Toronto Blue Jays. Let’s not forget the BIG blockbuster trade with the Marlins that landed the Blue Jays’ Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle, and Emilio Bonifacio.

The Blue Jays fan base was thinking a division title and a playoff appearance and maybe even a World Series for the first time since 1993. With the addition of Dickey and all of the Marlins stars, the Blue Jays needed the new ACE of the staff to produce for the whole year, but R.A has done the complete opposite. After having a career year last year winning a career high of 20 games and a CY Young award, R.A was bought to Toronto this year to do the same thing.

This year has been tough, though. While having a ERA of 5.18, R.A is also on pace for a career worst season — something the Blue Jays weren’t expecting when they signed R.A to a 2 year extension worth 25million and traded away a valuable prospect piece.

Personally I was never really high on R.A Dickey. When guys have breakout years, I’m always fishy about how they will respond the following year. So the way R.A Dickey has turned out so far hasn’t really shocked me. If his knuckleball isn’t working, guys are feasting on him. Last night Dickey suffered a loss and gave up 6 earned runs to the Atlanta Braves. If  the Blue Jays want to turn it around and reach the playoffs, they will definitely need Dickey to pitch like the Ace they thought they acquired back in December.

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The Amanda Show


Remember the ’90s? When the super cute and lovable Amanda Bynes graced our TV screens on “All That.” Then the little comedian upgraded to her own self-titled show. She was tiny. She was bubbly. She was Nickelodeon’s #1 star.

As a teen, Amanda caught our attention again on the TV series “What I Like About You” and in “She’s the Man” proving that she could still serve up the same silly humor we had grown to love while becoming an attractive young woman at the same time. She continued to impress us as she took on roles in movies like “Hairspray” and “Easy A.” Her resume seemed like the perfect setup for a long, comedic movie career.

But that’s always the perfect time for disaster to strike, right? Fast-forward to today, and you’d never know that the person known as Amanda Bynes was once the little girl pictured above. Instead, she’s the train wreck you see below.

As a supporter of Amanda in the past, I was quite shocked to see the stories circulating about her. In fact, when I first saw the crazy tweets from her account (especially the one requesting Drake to rape her privates?!!), I thought she had been hacked, but those tweets and pictures and videos kept coming, and I realized that this was the new Amanda.

Up until a few days ago (more on this below), I was thoroughly enjoying this hot mess of a situation. The bizarreness of it all was oddly entertaining. Deep down I was rooting for her to pull through, but each new development had me hooked. A few days ago TMZ claimed Amanda had been caught with a bong, and she FLIPPED out. My timeline was full with hundreds of RTs of dedicated Amanda fans backing her up. For awhile most of them were saying “Hey that definitely looks like a smashed Ciroc bottle.” But it was broken glass, so how could anyone tell? It was a bit ridiculous.

Then model Chrissy Teigen tweeted about Bynes’ supporters:

Screen shot 2013-05-29 at 4.33.37 PM

And Amanda’s response is what really shook me:

Screen shot 2013-06-01 at 2.59.52 PM

Clearly there’s something more going on here, and everything under the book has been thrown out there: eating disorder problems, self-esteem issues, mental health questions — you name it. By reading this tweet, it’s clear she’s not all there. I just hope Amanda has a crazy celebrity media story that ends more like Britney Spears and not Lindsey Lohan.

Beyonce Not Pregnant?

Rumors have been flying all over the place about Beyonce being pregnant ever since she cancelled her show in Belgium due to dehydration and exhaustion. Several reliable sources like E! and TMZ have both reported that she just may be pregnant with her second child, but is this global superstar shutting all rumors down?….Maybe.

Beyonce has been eating tuna, wearing tight clothes on her tour, and recently was spotted in Belgium shopping with her husband JAY Z drinking what appears to be champagne.

JAY Z wrote an email to HOT 97 program director Ebro saying, “It’s not true. The news is worse than blogs.”

Everyone who has tickets to her concert later in the year (like me) can all take a deep sigh of relief because I know I have. She’s not pregnant. Let the lady live a little!

The Leg Drop

Would you believe me if I said I was concussed? That’s what Khyati Shah was feeling like after the infamous Miguel leg drop sent shockwaves through the internet at last week’s Billboard Awards.

After sitting back and receiving the leg drop from the top rope and coming back to her senses, it looks like Miss Shah will be pursuing a lawsuit against the R&B star. According to Shah’s lawyer, she has been experiencing “difficulties” since the incident.

And I can’t blame her. If I got leg dropped on National TV, I would pursue a lawsuit as well. Just off the embarrassment alone. But I know it would take some time to act on it considering how bad her entire head snapped back when Miguel thought he had on some Space Jam Jordans and went soaring across stage but ended up landing short and landing the infamous leg drop to Miss Shah’s neck.

Shah’s lawyer didn’t dismiss reaching a settlement with the singer, but you have to give Miguel props after completing the leg drop. Miguel played it cool by just chilling in the leg drop finishing position. If you have been living under a rock, here’s the clip.

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Embrace The Skate


Let me start off by saying that I have never really been interested in hockey nor am I one of those people who claims to have ever been a fan of any hockey team way before they were successful. In this case I’m referring to you, “die hard” Blackhawks fans that have suddenly come out of the woodwork.

However, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that even MY viewing interest has slowly been drifting over to the hockey side as I watch more and more of these NHL playoffs.

As it stands, both the Eastern and Western conference NHL finals will feature the last four teams to have won the Stanley cup, making each remaining playoff series must-watch TV.

Each team in the conference finals has also written its own incredibly intriguing chapter in this year’s playoffs, and yet you hear little to nothing on what happened in last night’s Kings-Sharks game or even tonight’s Hawks-Red Wings game.

As someone who prefers the game of basketball over hockey just about any day of the week, I’m definitely growing tired of the fact that the sport is playing second fiddle to the guys on the hardwood.

I can’t tell you  how many times I’ve woken up to Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith going on and on about how the Pacers will only win two games against the Heat. Even on nights when the Spurs were just dismantling the Memphis Grizzlies, the next day’s opening argument would  inevitably be something regarding the Miami Heat. It’s ridiculous how little is mentioned on these big sports networks in regards to the incredible product that the National Hockey League is putting on display during these 2013 playoffs.

Take the Boston Bruins, for example. This is a team that has somehow managed to play their way into the Eastern Conference Finals despite the horrific acts that they witnessed take place during the Boston Marathon. Or how about the Chicago Blackhawks who after going down 3-1 in their series against their rivaled Red Wings came back to force game 7 and ultimately win the series thanks to a clutch overtime goal by number 7, Brent Seabrook?

Quietly the Hawks are also now in a legitimate position to be considered a dynasty if they win this years cup, which would make it two in the last three years for Chicago.

Again,  I’m not claiming to be the world’s biggest hockey fan all of a sudden so don’t go ripping my head off just yet, you Bobby Hull jersey-wearing lunatics. All I’m saying is that if hockey has been able to grab a guy like mine’s attention during the NBA playoffs, the league is definitely doing something right and, therefore, the media should do a better job of informing the public on just how great these 2013 NHL playoffs have been.

Lance Yes I Can Stephenson

Has there been anyone more exciting to watch in these playoffs than Lance Stephenson? I love watching this guy because he thinks he’s better than he really is.  That’s not a diss to Lance at all. I actually enjoy watching him play. You have to have that attitude playing in the NBA.

He brings that New York/Rucker Park game to the NBA, and he’s not backing down from anyone. Stephenson aka Born Ready, a 3rd year player out of Cincinnati, was a big time recruit from the popular high school in Coney Island Lincoln High School, where the likes of Stephon Marbury and Sebastian Telfair attended. Stephenson was named New York State Mr. Basketball and made the McDonald’s All American team in 2009.

When I first heard Lance was from Brooklyn and attended Lincoln High School, I didn’t believe in the hype. I thought he’d be another Telfair who had a lot of hype coming out of high school but he didn’t really live up to it. Lance was the usual one-and-done player and entered the NBA after his freshman year of college after he averaged 12.3 ppg and 2.5 ast. He was a 2nd round pick, but this year is his best year as a pro. Due to the Danny Granger knee injury (causing him to miss the season) Stephenson was able to start at the shooting guard position and was able to make a contribution all year. He saw a career high in minutes and ppg (29.2mins, 8.8ppg).

I think Lance is here to stay. Once he develops a consistent jump shot, I think he’ll be a solid rotation player. He’s already causing havoc on the Miami defense in these playoffs pushing the ball up the court and not allowing their defense to get set and forcing the issue. You also have to love the fact that he’s fearless and isn’t scared of the moment. If you haven’t got a chance to sit down and watch a Indiana Pacers game in these playoffs, you definitely should. Between Lance and Paul George, the Pacers are very fun to watch. Plus, Lance is here to restore the image of New York basketball.

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Rise Of The Machado

Trout, Harper, Machado

I know all the talk right now is all about Bryce Harper and Mike Trout and rightfully so. However, the young 20 year old Manny Machado has quietly been putting up numbers since being called up to the majors last August.

He’s had a career BA of 301. early on in his young MLB career, and in his first full year in the majors, he’s hitting a remarkable 335. That ranks him 7th in the MLB  and puts him in the lead for doubles in the league. He also ranks #2 in hits behind Miguel Cabrera. Also, when you look at the numbers of Harper (career BA 274.), Trout (career BA 305.), and Machado, he should be in the same conversation as Trout and Harper as the future of the MLB.

I think it’s safe to say we will see all three of these young stars at Citi Field for this year’s All Star game on July 16th.

Manny Machado

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What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Win by any means necessary! That’s how most pro-athletes will define competition nowadays. Some athletes, like LeBron James, think there’s no shame in “flopping” as long as it results in a win. Others, like the great Ray Lewis, see nothing wrong in using a little bit of deer antler spray in order to get an advantage.

Well, during Sunday’s Coca-Cola 600, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. chose to kick his level of competition up a notch by doing something that most guys probably wouldn’t do. As the field came around lap 319, Stenhouse decided to make his big push for first place by taking out his girlfriend of several months, Danica Patrick, bumping into her car and causing it to crash into Brad Keselowski’s.

See, I would consider myself to be a very competitive guy, but honestly, I would never have the onions to make a move like that. At the very least, you have to be 100% positive that making such a move will guarantee you win the race, in which case I’m pretty sure even your racing girlfriend would understand and forgive you for it. For our sake, however, let’s hope Ricky’s legendary 14th place finish was just enough for Danica to kick this bum to the curb and focus more on making sexier Go Daddy commercials.

Let the Flopping Stop

NBA: Finals-Oklahoma City Thunder at Miami Heat

While watching NBA games, I tend to notice flops, and no team flops like the Miami Heat. Their flopping is more noticeable having one of the leagues top floppers on the team: Mr. Shane Battier.

Then today I was reading an article about Lebron James saying flopping is an “effective strategy.” I love Lebron’s game and appreciate what he’s done for the game, but enough is enough. It can’t be a strategy when Lebron, who is 6’8, 250 lbs, and built like a football player, falls down to the ground because DJ Augustin, who’s 6’0 (that’s probably being nice) and weighs 180 lbs, is fighting through a screen and bumps Lebron.

I don’t see why refs allow this flopping to happen or why the NBA hasn’t came down on anyone on the Heat for flopping as well. If there’s a rule stating you can’t flop, why are you allowing these guys to fall all over the basketball court like they’re in ice skates? I feel the league should play it both ways when it comes to flopping — not just fine Tony Allen for a flop. Shane Battier should be fined a good amount in these playoffs along with Lebron for their take on flopping. It’s like if you’re that big, no way you should be falling down as much as you do during games.

Shane Battier

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